Is it time for a life refresh?

Do you need a spring clean of your mind, body and soul – well here are a few ways to get you started on your path to serenity and to practice self-care.

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1. Have an insanely long bath or a shower!

When you’re meant to be relaxing, are you thinking about what you need to do next or when you’re getting jobs done, are you dreaming about what you’ll be doing when you’re relaxing? – it’s a vicious cycle, I tell you! But there’s nothing nicer than soaking in the tub for an hour or so. Give me a lovely bubble bath and a good book to read – I’ll be sorted! You’ll feel like a new person…once you finally emerge from the bathroom.

2. Ditch the digital!

As much as FOMO is definitely a thing nowadays, I find that stepping back from the illuminated screen of your phone is just what you need certainly right before bed time to clear your head. Try swapping your phone for a book, or spend some time relaxing before bed to clear your mind before sleeping. I find that having a clearer mind gives me a better sleep!

3. Isn’t it the little things in life?

It is okay to splash the cash and treat yourself every once in a while! Your body is your home and you use it everyday so why not treat it to a bit of rejuvenation now and again! I would say go and get your nails done, but not being a girly girl myself, I don’t really get the hype around why you would spend £20 to get your nails done!, but it sure does work for some – each to their own! Treat yourself the way you would treat others! Go on book that hair appointment, I know you want too! You deserve it!

K x


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